The Best Neighborhoods in New Braunfels

Best Neighborhoods New Braunfels TX

When it comes to buying a house, there is one major piece of advice that I would give to my younger self.

Splurge on location. Spend more than you think you can. Skimp on everything else.

Your gourmet kitchen, spa-quality bathroom, and carefully-chosen paint colors will all go out of style. It’s an evolutionary hazard. We change, and our houses change with us.

But your location? That’s the one thing about your home that you can’t change. (I mean, unless you live in the little house from Virginia Lee Burton’s award-winning book. But that seems like a hassle, don’t you think?)

You can update your flooring, your landscaping, and your George Bailey-inspired banister. But as a realtor, I want to see you prioritize your location first and foremost.

This is just one reason I love the city of New Braunfels. Not only are we blessed with easy access to San Antonio and Austin, but we also have several inclusive subdivisions, ranging from affordable to luxury. Depending on your needs, there are three locations that stand out.

One of my favorite New Braunfels communities is West Village at Creekside. It offers a range of affordable housing options that don’t compromise on quality or amenities. Not only are they designed with functionality in mind, but they’re also surrounded by parks, playgrounds, a community pool, and walking trails. These amenities are nonnegotiable for an active family like mine, and I’ve found this to be true of many of my clients as well.

Of course, if you’re looking to expand into a luxury home, choosing a location you love becomes even more essential. That’s why I point my clients toward Vintage Oaks. Known for its magnificent homes and breathtaking hill country views, it provides a harmonious blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. It’s like a rustic layer cake—wildflowers and all. Residents can also take advantage of swimming pools, fitness centers, and sports courts to stay active and soak up some rays.

Another subdivision I love to show off is Veramendi, which is just as cool as it sounds. Whether you’re in the market for a strong sense of community or a tangible connection to nature, this tranquil neighborhood ticks all the location boxes. There is an elementary school within walking distance (and a second one on the way). Plus, Veramendi’s homes showcase a variety of architectural styles, catering to a range of preferences, lifestyles, and budgets. As we say here in Texas, you can’t beat that with a stick.

Ultimately, buying a house comes with many “consumption decisions.” But the legitimate investment? That comes down to your location. I’ll be saying this to my clients for decades to come. They count on me to shoot straight.

You can change your countertops, your doors, your appliances, everything up to the roof and down to the floor… but you’re stuck with the value of the land itself.

Don’t just choose a house. Invest in the location you want.